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09/21/13 Race Results

Race Results September 21, 2013



Top Notch Trailer Street Stocks


Fast Time: Mike Carlson 14.911

Heat A: Richard Kerr, Bryan Bykerk, Mike Carlson, Ryan Kerr, Carolyn Thomas, Shawn Jones, Chris Cook, Bobby Williams, and Anthony Barbera.

Main: Bryan Bykerk, Richard Kerr, Mike Carlson, Anthony Barbera, Shawn Jones, Carolyn Thomas, Bobby Williams, Chris Cook, and Ryan Kerr.  



Hinkle Homes Hobby Stocks


Fast Time: Dave Knittle 15.870 (Track Record)

Heat A: Dave Knittle, Charles Meadors, Shawn Jones, Andy Jacaway, Matt Logue, Kelly Foster, Kyle Matthews, and Dan Walker.

Main: Dave Knittle, Kyle Matthews, Charles Meadors, Kelly Foster, Andy Jacaway, Matt Logue, and Shawn Jones.


Cut Rate Baby Grands


Fast Time: Jim Guinn 15.345

Heat A: Corey Boyle, Bryan Crawford, Jim Guinn, Mike Crawford, and Kenny Wilson.

Main: Jim Guinn, Corey Boyle, Mike Crawford, and Bryan Crawford.


Stinger 8’s


Heat A: Charles LaMere, Zach Dalrymple, Zach Floreck, Jason Lohmann, Chris Branon, and Dennis Lalander.

Main: Chris Branon, Zach Dalrymple, Jason Lohmann, Dennis Lalander, Zach Floreck, and Charles LaMere.


OutLaw Compact


Fast Time: Drew Harthorn 15.926

Heat A: Chad Benjamin, Drew Harthorn, Devin Matthews, Kevin Larson, Shannon McIntosh, Tom Rogers, Eric Angeledes, and Jim Perry.

Main: Chad Benjamin, Eric Angeledes, Kevin Larson, Devin Matthews, Tom Rogers, Drew Harthorn, and Shannon McIntosh.