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Street Stock

4/7/12 Full Results

Race Results April 7, 2012 

Top Notch Trailer Street Stocks


Fast Time: (15) Dan Walker 15.292

Dash: (56) Richard Kerr, (10) Mike Kanavan, (15) Dan Walker, and (00) Shawn Jones.

Main 1: (15) Dan Walker, (17) Cody Erskine, (33) Mike Carlson, (10) Mike Kanavan, (41) Anthony Barbera, (44) Dan Mears, and (56) Richard Kerr.

9/4/11 Full Results

Race Results September 4, 2011


Dennis Smitham Memorial


Dash 1: Josh Pinkoswky, Shawn Jones, Kelly Helewell, and Richard Kerr.

Dash 2: Steve Woods, Bryan Bykerk, and Arnold Norton.

Dennis Smitham Saturday Results (Qualifying and Qualifiers)

Joes Racing Products Fast Time
#20 Ron Stewart 15.335 75.00

Larry Cox Motorsports Heat Race #1
1st #04 Mel Patnode 200.00
2nd #20 Ron Stewart 125.00
3rd #64 Bill Rutherford 75.00

Tire Dogs/98 Towing Heat Race # 2
1st #99 Bryan Bykerk 200.00
2nd #56 Richard Kerr 125.00
3rd #19 Josh Pinkowsky 75.00

Julie Smitham's Dash 4 Cash
#20 Ron Stewart 500.00

8/17/11 Full Results

Race Results August 13, 2011


Top Notch Trailer Street Stocks


Fast Time: Dan Walker 15.302

Heat A: Anthony Barbera, Steve Woods, Richard Kerr, Chad Hinkle, Shawn Jones, and Ken Morgan..

Main: Steve Woods, Richard Kerr, Chad Hinkle, Anthony Barbera, Shawn Jones, and Ken Morgan.



Race Results July 30, 2011 

Top Notch Trailer Street Stocks 

Heat A: Steve Woods, Anthony Barbera, Dan Walker, Richard Kerr, and Josh Pinkowky.

Heat B: Mike Carlson, Shawn Jones, Arnold Norton and Mike Brooks.

Main: Steve Woods, Dan Walker, Anthony Barbera, Richard Kerr, Shawn Jones, Arnold Norton, Mike Carlson, Mike Saylors, and Mike Brooks.