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As of 06/15/13


05/11/13 Results

Race Results May 11, 2013



D&S Light Truck & Auto Mini Stocks


Fast Time: Dylan DeYoung 16.108 (Track Record)

Heat A: Jack Allen, Scott Maynard, Kevin Conway, Grant Charneski, Jon Baglien, Dennis Shaffer, Dylan DeYoung, and Kevin Pegg.

Heat B: Duane Lacy, Shayne Huson, Devin Matthews, Jeff Bracale, Josh McMillan, Tina McMillan, and Tabitha Bracale.

05/04/13 story

First Race of 2013 Season, had J.J. Hamilton, Anthony Barbera, Parker Stephens, and John Grosvenor winning Main events.

Story by: Nancy Schmidt


Racing at South Sound Speedway on Saturday May 4, 2013, was full of excitement with four classes on hand, Olympic Trailer and Truck Accessories Super Late Models, Top Notch Trailer Street Stocks, Lexar Homes Legends, and Super 4’s.


Stinger 8






Stinger 8

Point Standings

September 21,  2013


Track Records

Track Record Holders

As of 05/11/13


Bump To Pass


Olympic Trailer & Truck Accessories Bump to Pass

Points Standings

September 29, 2012

TRACK RECORD: Chris Branon 17.80